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* * * I am Johnny ''By The Gods'' Evil and just like witches at Black Masses, Johnny is here to kick all of your candy asses ! ~ Johnny Evil
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I'm a Witch ! Bitch ! Keep Calm and Stay ... EVIL.

We are the official website of independent professional wrestling personality ''The Modern Day Witch'' Johnny Evil. This is the place to find photos of great wrestling action, information on upcoming appearances, personal bios, and much more. Post and reply to messages in our professional wrestling forum, Link2Us, sign up for a low cost website hosting plan and more. We are your one stop source for the latest professional wrestling news from around the wrestling world including WWE, AEW, ROH, OVW, NWA, and the independent wrestling promotions.

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Johnny Evil Johnny Evil

Home Town: Satan's Hollow, WV ... Now residing in Evansville, IN

Years Pro: currently inactive due to severe shoulder injury

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 220 lbs

Signature Moves: The Demon Death Lock ™, Shackles of Sin ™, Ashes to Ashes ™, Devil's Dagger ™, The Go To Hell ™

Favorite Quotes: "On your knees ! On your knees ! And pray for the wicked ! For the wicked shall set you free ... and the Circle of Sin shall remain forever ... unbroken. ", "Ashes to ashes they all fall down.", "Win if you can ! Lose if you must ! But always leave a high body count !"

Wrestling Influences: Chris Benoit, Sting, Great Kabuki, The Road Warriors, Randy Savage, Robert Gibson, Chris Jericho, Kid Cash, Paul Burchill

Promotions Worked For: Circle of Sin Wrestling ™(CSW), National Wrestling League(NWL), House of Pain Wrestling Federation(HoPWF), Championship Pro Wrestling(CPW)

" I walk in the shadow of darkness. Pain is my only friend. I see no evil. I speak no evil. I hear no evil. But for one reason ... for Evil ... is my Name ! As I walk thru the battle field called life ... I bury my enemies one by one ... all but one ... for that enemy I can never bury ... because I have glanced into his eyes ... and HE is ME ! ... Ashes to ashes they all fall down." -- Johnny Evil

I am currently involved in independent professional wrestling with various promotions in the mid-west and eastern part of the United States. Primarily as a manager, booking agent, and creative consultant. I will attempt here to give a very brief recount of my beginnings in the professional wrestling business. I made my professional wrestling debut on the 4th of July 2002. Not only was I able to be involved in a match, but I was able to made two personas that I created come The Modern Day Witch Johnny Evil and Hansom Jimmy Valiant to life. I managed "The Demon Child ™", "Demonica Doom ™" in the persona of "The Modern Day Witch" "Johnny Evil ™" against The Freak managed by Madison.

The Freak and Madison made their way to the ring first. Then Demonica Doom ™ and I made our entrance. Demonica came out gothed out in all black with a silver ankh necklace. I came out in gun metal gray leather and electric blue sunglasses and wore an ancient style crucifix around my neck with my Pentagram Death Shroud ™ draped over one shoulder and a box of ashes and black roses in hand.

The Freak ran his mouth right from the start acting very arrogant. He kept pointing to the shroud asking what it was for. I said, " It is your inescapable destiny and your fate is already sealed". During the match The Freak choked Demonica with her own hair several times. The ref seemed to think he didn't have to break it since it was her own hair. I pounded on the mat and yelled at the ref which did no good. Finally when The Freak had Demonica in his version of The Modern Day Witch Johnny Evil and Hell's Next Top Model Tabitha Love Noel Bashore a modified abdominal stretch and was getting extra leverage from Madison holding on from outside, I jumped to the ring apron and argued with the ref until he finally made The Freak break the hold. Later in the match, Demonica had The Freak in trouble, so I called for her to lock on The Demonic Possession ™ which is a modified Japanese cobra. Madison knew if Demonica locked it in The Freak would be finished, so she jumped up on the apron and pulled brass knuckles out of her panties. Madison swung for Demonica but Demonica ducked and Madison inadvertently nailed The Freak with the knuckles. The Freak was dazed and Demonica quickly waist locked him and took him over with a Soul Taker Suplex ™, she hooked the leg and got the win.

After the pin I came into the ring and covered The Freak with the Pentagram Death Shroud ™, dropped a handful of Ashes of a Thousand Tortured Souls ™ on him, said, "Ashes to ashes they all fall down", and then placed a long stemmed black rose on his prone body. As I left ring side, I thanked Madison for trying to interfere in the match by shoving her into the ring post. After we made our exit, the ref revived The Freak who freaked out when he realized what had happened to him and tried to scrabbled free of the shroud getting ashes all over himself and the ring. It took twenty minutes for the ring to be cleaned up for the next match.

I am currently excepting bookings for future professional wrestling shows, so if you are a professional wrestling promoter and would be interested in booking Johnny Evil ™, you can email me and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Serious inquiries only please. Email me at bookjohnny@johnnyevil.com. If you are a professional wrestler or body builder, please be sure to check out my Body Building Supplements Super Store ! Fans that would like to purchase Johnny Evil t-shirts and other great merchandise please click here to visit my Shopping Sinner.



The latest news from around the wrestling world including WWE, AEW, ROH, NWA . . .

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